LAGES I FLERE LAND: Skam har hatt en stor internasjonal appell. Foto: NRK
LAGES I FLERE LAND: Skam har hatt en stor internasjonal appell. Foto: NRK

Skam-skaperen bekrefter: Skal lage den amerikanske utgaven selv

– Jeg ville ikke gi den til noen andre, skriver Julie Andem på Instagram.

Denne artikkelen er over ett år gammel, og kan inneholde utdatert informasjon.

XIX Entertainment skal lage den amerikanske versjonen av Skam. Den første sesongen skal sendes på Facebook i løpet av 2018.

Fredag kveld skriver Skam-skaper Julie Andem på Instagram at hun har bestemt seg for å skrive og regissere den amerikanske utgaven av serien.

– Riktig å avslutte etter sesong 4

Andem skriver at hun hadde planlagt å la noen andre ta over serien etter sesong 3, men ikke klarte å gi den fra seg. Derfor bestemte hun seg for å lage én siste sesong.

– Jeg vet at mange av dere er lei for at den tok slutt, men jeg er sikker på at det var den riktige avgjørelsen. Jeg ville at Skam ikke skulle være noe mindre enn fantastisk, og av flere grunner ville jeg ikke klart å lage en sesong 5 så god som den hadde fortjent å være, skriver Andem.


Når Andem nå har bestemt seg for å skrive og produsere den amerikanske utgaven av serien, er det av samme grunn: Hun ville ikke gi den til noen andre.

– Det blir en utfordring å prøve å lage serien i en annen kultur, på et annet språk, til et mye større og fragmentert publikum, men jeg lover at jeg skal gjøre mitt beste og legge min sjel i det, skriver Andem.

Dear Coolest fanbase on earth. Thank you so much for all your messages, I am not able to answer all of you, but I read everything. And with this note I want to try to answer some of your most frequent questions. When Skam started my plan was to make three seasons and then hand it over to a new writer/director. But when season 3 was done, I couldn’t give it away. It didn’t feel right. So I made one last season. I know many of you are still sad it ended, but I am positive it was the right decision. I wanted Skam to be no less than amazing, and for several reasons I wouldn’t have been able to make a season 5 as good as it deserved to be. Maybe at some point in time we will go back to Skam and meet all the characters once again. But not now. Skam was made at NRK, the public broadcaster in Norway, and they also own the rights to it. NRK is not a commercial network, but financed by the Norwegian public trough a mandatory annual license fee, which means that it is paid by the Norwegian public to make content for the Norwegian public. This is great because it means that the network is not run by profit, but is able to take chances on bold ideas with a small target audience, shows like Skam. But it also means that it is there to serve the Norwegian public. So even though teens from all over the world started watching Skam, every choice we made in the show was to serve teens in Norway. At some point it became impossible not to notice the need amongst teens everywhere. The need to open up and discuss topics like mental illness, sexual harassment and sexual orientation. This is why NRK sold the show for remakes. I have decided to showrun and direct the American version of Skam. I didn’t want to give it to someone else. It will be a challenge to try to make it in a different culture, in a different language, to a much larger and diverse audience, but I promise that I will put all of my effort and heart in to it. And I am going to need your help. Because Skam is not my show. All of us own Skam. It is not just a drama series, it’s an event and a community that all of you are a part of and contribute to. So please help me. Let's show teens everywhere that they are not alone.

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