<span data-lab-font-icon="icon-play" class="lab-font-icon icon-play txt-red" data-lab-color="txt-red" id="ext-gen1537"> </span>WATCH FURIOUS BIEBER STORM OFF STAGE:&nbsp;

Furious Justin Bieber raced off stage over water spill row after just ONE song and left teenage fans crying

Heartbroken Norwegian fans wept as the singer left the venue
Apologises to fans and promises to return to Norwegian TV talk show

A FUMING Justin Bieber stormed off stage just minutes into his much anticipated mini concert in Oslo. The Canadian teenage idol, 21, had played only his hit song "Boyfriend" when he took notice with fans supposedly throwing water onto the stage platform. When he tried mopping it up himself, some of the crazed fans tried grabbing his towel, sending Bieber into a tantrum. "I'm not doing the show,"

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