Dag Falk-Petersen, Arne Hjeltnes, Jan Ove Årsæther.
Dag Falk-Petersen, Arne Hjeltnes, Jan Ove Årsæther.

A unique aerial journey across Norway

The Norwegian TV station TV 2, and the Norwegian airport operator Avinor invite you to a unique helicopter journey across Norway.

Norway is a wild and beautiful country, full of interesting people with interesting stories and ideas.


TV 2 wants to capture all of this and more and will launch a helicopter journey departing from Oslo Airport May 18th. The helicopter will return on June 5th, having visited every Norwegian airport during the three week long flight. From Kristiansand's Kjevik airport in the South to Valan airport in northernmost Honningsvåg – 50 airports will be visited.

The project and TV show is called “Fly med oss” (Fly with us). Viewers can follow the journey in its entirety on TV 2's website, www.tv2.no. Also, TV 2 will broadcast daily summaries from Mondays through Thursdays at 10.40 pm and on Sundays at 9.40 pm during  the journey.

- This will be one of the most interesting and exciting projects we've ever undertaken. We're not quite sure what lies ahead, but we do know that it should make some cracking television. There will be surreal images of a summer-clad Norway with a huge mobilization of people greeting the helicopter. These images will travel the world, says TV 2's news and sports editor, Jan Ove Årsæther.

The helicopter will be equipped especially for the mission and loaded with advanced technology; a 360 degree camera will enable web users to view the camera angle of their choosing at all times.

- This might be the biggest project in the history of web television. We will transmit between five to six hours from the air every day for several weeks. To my knowledge nothing of this scale has been attempted published anywhere in the world. Also, the internet viewers can direct the camera by themselves. The user experience is going to be amazing, says Årsæther.

The project has been a collaboration between Creuna, where Arne Hjeltnes is CEO, and Avinor, who operates 46 airports around the country.

- 50 million passengers travel to and from Avinor's airports yearly. Those immense figures prove that Norwegians are a travelling people. The topography and longitude of our country and expansive interaction with the rest of the world are two reasons for this. The healthy state of Norway's economy and our highly developed aviation network are probably the main reasons. In producing ”Fly med oss“ we want to emphasize the importance of the airports in terms of developing the country. We're looking forward to this journey and welcome everyone to our airports through this collaboration with TV 2, says Dag Falk-Pedersen, CEO at Avinor.

Arne Hjeltnes is a TV celebrity in Norway and will host ”Fly med oss“. He looks forward to exploring the country for several weeks from the helicopter and distribute good web- and TV pictures to the viewers.

- Our country is exceptionally beautiful, and it's a great privilege to be able to show it to a broader public in this manner. The journey will begin at a time when the country is at its most beautiful; everything is blooming, yet the peaks will be covered by snow. It won't be an experience exclusively for everyone in Norway; the whole world can watch it on tv2.no. It will be great publicity for the country. In addition to showing Norway from the air we will talk to local people and taste local food, Hjeltnes says enthusiastically.

- It's a profoundly unique project. There's nothing I enjoy more than to create television about and by Norway; it is one of my biggest interests. I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of interesting people across the country, and I want to urge them to come up with exciting stunts wherever we are going. The footage we shoot will live for a long time. It will be a gift to all Norwegians, says Hjeltnes.

Hjeltnes has already visited 40 of Norway's airports and will finally be able to tick off the remaining ten. 

- I will be a fully-fledged helicopter pilot at the end of this journey, he says.



TV 2 was established in 1992 and is Norway’s largest commercial tv channel. TV 2 produces news, sports and entertainment. In addition to the main channel TV 2, the TV 2 Group also offers a broad selection of niche channels. TV 2 also focuses on bringing TV to users on all platforms. TV 2’s content aims to inform and entertain a broad audience – and to create “unforgettable moments”.



Avinor is responsible for planning, developing and operating the Norwegian airport network. Avinor operates 46 airports in Norway, thereof 12 in cooperation with the armed forces. Operations also include air traffic control towers, control centers and technical infrastructure for aircrafts. 



(Please note: The dates refer to the helicopter journeys. All transmissions will be repeat broadcast the following day, ie. the journey will be available at tv2.no and TV 2 as of 19th May).


18th May:

Departure from Oslo airport, Gardermoen 10 am

- Notodden airport (fuel stop)

- Rosendal

- Folgefonna glacier

- Odda

- Tyssedal

- Trolltunga

- Kinsarvik (fuel stop)

- Hardangerfjorden

- Austevoll

- Bergen


Arrival at Bergen airport, Flesland at 4.20 pm


19th May:

Departure from Bergen airport, Flesland 10 am

- Voss

- Nærøyfjorden

- Sognefjorden

- Sogndal airport, Haukåsen (1 hour stopover)

- Jostedalsbreen glacier

- Olden

- Innvikfjorden

- Sandane airport, Anda (1 hour stopover)

- Vassenden (Jølstravatnet)

- Førde airport, Bringeland (1 hour stopover)

- Førde/Førdefjorden


Arrival at Florø airport at 5.55 pm


20th May:

Departure from Florø airport at 10 am

- Bremanger

- Måløy

- Kråkenes fyr

- Selje

- Stadt

- Ørsta-Volda airport, Hovden (1 hour stopover)

- Hjørundfjorden

- Norangsdalen/Hellesylt

- Geiranger fjord

- Valldal

- Romsdalen – Trollveggen – Romsdalshorn

- Åndalsnes

- Ålesund


Arrival at Ålesund airport, Vigra at 2.55 pm


21st May:

Departure from Ålesund airport, Vigra at 10 am

- Nordøyane

- Molde airport, Årø (1 hour stopover)

- Atlantic Ocean Road

- Kristiansund

- Kristiansund airport, Kvernberget (1 hour stopover)

- Smøla

- Hitra

- Ørlandet

- Trondheim


Arrival Trondheim airport, Værnes at 4.20 pm


22nd May:

Departure from Trondheim airport, Værnes at 10 am

- Inderøy

- Steinkjer

- Namsos airport (1 hour stopover)

- Rørvik airport, Ryum (1 hour stopover)

- Torghatten

- Brønnøysund airport, Brønnøy (1 hour stopover)

- Vega

- Mosjøen airport, Kjærstad

- The Seven Sisters mountain range

- Herøy


Arrival Sandnessjøen airport, Stokka at 6 pm


23rd May:

Departure from Sandnessjøen airport, Stokka at 10 pm

- Dønnamannen mountain

- Lovund

- Mo i Rana 

- Mo i Rana airport, Røssvoll (1 hour stopover)

- Svartisen glacier

- Rødøy

- Glomfjord

- Saltstraumen strait


Arrival Bodø airport at 3.15 pm


24th May:

Departure from Bodø airport at 10 am

- Kjerringøy peninsula

- Fiskebøl

- Stokmarknes

- Stokmarknes airport, Skagen (1 hour stopover)

- Sortland

- Andenes

- Andøya airport, Andenes (1 hour stopover)

- Harstad

- Tjeldsund


Arrival Harstad/Narvik airport, Evenes at 3.40 pm


25th May:

Departure from Harstad/Narvik airport, Evenes at 10 am

- Raftsundet strait

- Svolvær

- Henningsvær

- Stamsund

- Leknes airport (1 hour stopover)

- Å

- Røst airport (1 hour stopover)

- Værøy helicopter port (1 hour stopover)

- (northbound around the Western Lofoten islands)


Arrival at Svolvær airport, Helle at 5.30 pm


26th May:

Departure from Svolvær airport, Helle at 10 am

- Holandsnakken

- Møysalen

- Sigerfjorden

- Gullesfjorden

- Harstad/Narvik airport, Evenes (fuel stop)

- Narvik lufthavn, Framnes (1 hour stopover)

- Gratangen


Arrival at Bardufoss airport at 4 pm


27th May:

Departure from Bardufoss airport at 10 am

- Sørreisa

- Senja

- Lyngen

- Tromsø


Arrival at Tromsø airport, Langnes at 12.30 pm


28th May:

Departure from Tromsø airport, Langnes at 10 am

- Sørkjosen airport (1 hour stopover)

- Langfjordbotn/Tappeluft

- Altadalen valley


Arrival at Alta airport at 1.50 pm


29th May:

Departure from Alta airport at 10 am

- Seiland national park

- Hasvik airport (1 hour stopover)

- Sørvær

- Hammerfest


Arrival at Hammerfest airport at 1.30 pm


30th May:

Departure from Hammerfest airport at 10 am

- Gjesværstappan

- North Cape

- Honningsvåg airport, Valan (1 hour stopover)

- Honningsvåg

- Sværholtklubben

- Kjøllefjord

- Mehamn airport (1 hour stopover)


Arrival at Berlevåg airport at 4 pm


31st May:

Departure from Berlevåg airport at 10 am

- Kongsfjord

- Båtsfjord airport (1 times stopover)

- Nordfjord

- Vardø airport, Svartnes (1 hour stopover)

- Kiberg

- Komagvær

- Varangerhalvøya national park

- Vadsø airport (1 hour stopover)

- Pasvikdalen valley

- Kirkenes


Arrival at Kirkenes airport, Høybuktmoen at 4.35 pm


1st June:

Departure from Kirkenes airport, Høybuktmoen at 10 am

- Lakselv airport, Banak (1 hour stopover)

- Bardufoss airport (fuel stop)


Arrival at Bodø airport at 4.30 pm


2nd June:

Departure from Bodø airport at 10 am

- Mosjøen airport, Kjærstad (fuel stop)

- Trondheim airport, Værnes (fuel stop)

- Gaula 


Arrival at Røros airport at 4 pm


3rd June:

Departure from Røros airport at 10 am

- Tynset

- Otta

- Dombås (fuel stop)

- Jotunheimen/Galdhøpiggen

- Beitostølen

- Fagernes airport, Leirin (1 hour stopover)

- Stord airport, Sørstokken (30 min. stopover)

- Leirvik

- Haugesund

- Haugesund airport, Karmøy (1 hour stopover)

- Skudeneshavn

- Stavanger

- Sandnes


Arrival at Stavanger airport, Sola at 7.30 pm


4th June:

Departure from Stavanger airport, Sola at 10 am

- Prekestolen

- Lysefjorden

- Kjerag – Lysebotn

- Sirdal

- Flekkefjord

- Lindesnes


Arrival at Kristiansand airport, Kjevik at 1 pm


5th June:

Departure from Kristiansand airport, Kjevik at 10 am

- Lillesand

- Arendal

- Tvedestrand

- Kragerø

- Skien lufthavn, Geiteryggen (30 min. stopover)

- Larvik

- Sandefjord airport, Torp (30 min. stopover)

- Tønsberg

- Fredrikstad

- Moss airport, Rygge (30 min. stopover)

- Drøbak

- Nesodden

- Oslo sentrum


Arrival at Oslo lufthavn, Gardermoen at 3.40 pm